“A name they’ll remember for years to come – her beautiful dynamic singing and accompanying guitar work fueled by an engaged audience is something to not be taken for granted.”

Steve Malinski, NYSMusic.com

Fueled by inventive touring methods, powerful lyrics, and an endearing stage presence, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Laura Bowman has gathered a strong following.

Drawing on the tradition of the 1960’s folk movement, Laura embarks on what she has termed “busking tours,” which favor free public performances at street venues in conjunction with scheduled gigs.   Through this, she aims to connect with people in unexpected places and create a personal, in-the-moment experience with her audience. Laura also created a documentary of her first national tour called Busk or Bust, which is currently in post-production.

 Laura utilizes folk roots and combines them with the modern music of strong female artists who endeavor to create change.

Currently, she is working on her upcoming third recording project, a full-length folk-country album, which will be a remote collaboration with SOS Studio.  Her most recent release, Troubadour, is available for purchase at the link below.

Personally, Laura also strives to empower other women to let their music, not their image, speak and inspire.

Laura is an independent artist, creatively driven and fueled by her peers.  If you’d like to support her, there are many ways to help:


Purchase Laura’s sophomore release, Troubadour. This SOS Studio collaboration was conceived while busking across America and was inspired by the heart and message of Pete Seeger, who encouraged community, love, and the power of song.

**For orders outside the US, please contact kissmylbow@gmail.com**

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